A responsive homepage for your Ka-Radio32 device and more

This project is a complete rewriting of the home page for the Ka-Radio32 devices forweb radios

About the usage of the Ka-Radio device

This new homepage offers all of that's. If you want to see what this homepage looks like, click here. Don't forget, your device is disconnected. So, not all features are available.

Try before flashing

If you want to test all these features before flashing your ESP32, you just need PHP language on your PC or on your Raspberry or others SBC (I am loving my Rock64 with it's EMMC)
Just follow the instructions belows. Of source, you can flash after. And you can keep even the old homepage on your device. For all geeks, notice for using the gh-pages branch (Git pages are free).
git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/bazooka07/Ka-Radio32.git -b gh-pages
cd Ka-Radio32/
# setup IP_ADDR constant for you Ka-Radio device in index.php. Important !
php -S localhost:8080
# open the above address in your web-browser
# Enjoy the new homepage for your device
# Try a playlist in the "About" tab
# Search stations in shoutcast.com, radio-browser.info, Soma-Fm, Calm-Radio or Ferarock directories

Have a good journey in the world of web radios

Ready to flash your device

It's the same repository on Github. Just switch on the expansions branch.